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Chicago Signature Limo Luxury SUV

Do you offer private car services?

Private car services Chicago is one of Chicago Signature Limo’s specialty. Among all the services we offer, the private car services Chicago is the one most of our clients ask for. First of all, the private car services include any type of private transportation, from private aviation to private small events, point to point, drop offs and pickups from any location in Chicago and Chicago land area. You can request a private car either last minute or you can schedule your private car service transportation in advance by calling 312.890.8332.

What is the booking procedure  for a private car service?

At Chicago Signature Limo we know how important your time is. Therefore our booking procedures are simple and fast. You can either book your private car service Chicago online, or call our office. Making arrangements for private car service takes a few minutes. We only need the time of the pickup, the address and your destination. Your chauffeur will make sure to get to the pickup location on time and take you to your destination safe and in comfort. Another advantage in using our private car service is that you can call us for any last minute requests. Since we have a wide fleet and work with experienced drivers, last minute private car requests won’t be a challenge for us. You just need to give us a call and we will take care of all your private car transportation needs.

What vehicles do you use for private car transportation?

First of all, you can request any car in our fleet for your private car services Chicago. Also, depending on the number of people in your party or your destination, we can suggest what car fits your private transportation needs better. For us to three passengers with little to no luggage, any of our luxury sedans, executive or regular sedans will fit your needs. If your pick-up or drop off is at an FBO (private aviation) and you do have luggage, then we suggest you choose one of our luxury SUVs as your private car. Rather than wasting time on looking for the perfect car to fit your needs, just let us know how many people are in your party and what your destination is. We will take care of the rest.

Do you offer private car for shopping trips?

First of all the private car service is one of the services that you as a client can use no matter the destination or the length of your trip. We do offer private cars for shopping trips and you have no hour limit. You can book your car in advance and request it for the whole day, or several days, depending on your itinerary. When you book your private car for the day, your chauffeur will be with you at all times and you don’t have a time limit. Therefore you can take care of all your shopping without rushing. Booking a private car per day is the best way to go when you need to get to several destinations and have plenty of things to do.


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